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With the rising costs of medical procedures in the US, many people are looking to Medical tourism to get the treatments that they need at a reasonable cost. As Tijuana, Mexico is the most accessible location for travel outside the US for medical treatment, medical tourism in Tijuana has become the main industry of the city. There are many high tech and top quality cosmetic surgery clinics in Tijuana, doing bariatric and plastic surgery. The prices are about 1/3 of what they are in the US, and the quality is as good or better than treatments found in many clinics in the US. This is the reason that thousands of people each year travel to Mexico for Tijuana plastic surgery.

Many people are interested in coming to Tijuana for medical treatments, but face the dilemma of knowing where to go, and how to pick a clinic to go to. We are here to help you in your quest.

Our company, “Tijuana Medical Tourism,” is run by American’s for American’s. We have put together a great team of doctors by their specialty in Tijuana, building a network of competent medical practitioners of high reputation. We have accomplished this by our own personal experience of living and working in the medical community in Tijuana.

Unlike many Medical Tourism referral websites who sell patient referrals to doctors that they have never even met, nor have researched their competence, we work exclusively with clinics that we have visited. We have gotten referrals from other doctors, asked for patient references, and have thoroughly checked out the clinic, before bringing them any patients. Because we live here locally, we are able to do the homework required to find the best doctors and clinics for the best prices. Our patients get great treatments, save a lot of money, and feel safe and secure using the doctors that we do refer them to.

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“NO!!!” I’ve heard so many times. “It’s dangerous and scary!” “I would never go there!” And the list of negatives goes on……BUT let me share my plastic surgery adventure.
I’ve had plastic surgery in Las Vegas….you make your appointment for your consultation, sometimes you’re charged for that appointment and sometimes, not. You see the doctor, schedule your surgery, get your labs drawn. You show up for surgery day, you are whisked away to be cut.
Irene Saucier, Pharm.D.
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